Business Spotlight – Doreen Roy

Name/Title of person:  Doreen Roy, owner.

What types of products/services does your business offer?

I own three total businesses, two of them being stores in downtown Burlington.

I own Gypsi, which is a lady’s accessories store, including hats, scarves, jewelry, watches, etc. Across the street I own Red Screen Door, which is a cottage vintage home décor store. At Red Screen Door we have an extensive variety of home décor and gift items, both new and vintage. I also own The Wholesome Basket, which is a natural soap and skincare company; those products are sold at Red Screen Door.

 How long have you been in business?

I started with The Wholesome basket 15 years ago. Then, in 2012, I opened Gypsi.

Gypsi originally started out by selling jewelry that I designed and made. Now I have expanded and sell other jewelry as well as my own. Although Gypsi was just opened in 2012, I have had my Gypsi jewelry line for 8 years.

Lastly, on April 5, 2014 we opened the Red Screen Door. At that time, we had some beautiful home décor items in the Gypsi store that seemed like they needed their own place. Now, all of that is located at Red Screen Door.

How many employees do you have?

I have 12 employees across the three businesses.

Where is your business located?

Both of our businesses are located on Jefferson Street in downtown Burlington with Gypsi at 312 Jefferson and Red Screen Door at 301 Jefferson.

 What do you like most about what you do?

I always say that I have a dream job because I love so much of what I do. I guess my favorite would be creating the displays in our stores, specifically Red Screen Door.

I love giving customers a true shopping experience and designing displays coordinated by color or pattern that really show off everything we have to offer. We have a more eclectic manor in our displays than most people expect and I love seeing people walk through the door and say “oh my” because they are blown away by our inventory.

 What is your favorite thing about doing business in Southeast Iowa?

I love downtown Burlington. It is such an amazing town and our businesses have a great logistic location.

The city of Burlington is very old and historic, with beautiful architectural integrity. Our downtown has Jefferson as the main road and that means my stores are right in the middle of great shopping, living and food. It makes having businesses here so much fun.

 Who can customers contact if they want more information about your business?

Customers who are interested in learning more about our businesses can get in touch with me in several ways. We have websites and Facebook pages for our businesses that provides our email addresses and phone numbers. We also respond well to Facebook messages.

Red Screen Door Facebook and website

Gypsi Facebook page and website

The Wholesome Basket website