Business Spotlight – Country Friends

Name/Title of Person: Judy Moser, owner

What types of products/services does your business offer? Country Friends has a lot to offer! We have a whole gift store, with items ranging from greeting cards, candles, jewelry and handbags. Primitives and handmade items are sold in the store as well.

How long have you been in business?  I’ve been in business for 27 wonderful years.

How many employees you have? We have two official employees, but Country Friends really is a family business. Several of my family members pop in to help out.

Where is your business located? We’re located in Burlington, IA at 413 Jefferson St.

What is it you like most about what you do? I really enjoy meeting the customers and getting a chance to know them as people. I love being able to create a pleasant atmosphere for my shoppers and introduce them to new gifts or accessory items.

What is your favorite thing about doing business in southeast Iowa?
Everything in Southeast Iowa is very calm, laid back and not rushed. I enjoy the low key environment because it fosters a family atmosphere around town. All of the stores in downtown Burlington are like family; and we all help each other’s businesses grow and be

Who can customers contact if they want more information about your business?
They can contact me, Judy Moser, at (319) 753-2290.

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